Wumaniti mission

Who We Are

Our mission is to educate and promote the healing properties of hemp and horses that support agricultural and sustainable economic lifestyles while healing both the earth’s land and our physical bodies.

Our mission

Sustaining Agricultural,  Economic and Healing Lifestyle within Cultural Communities. 

wumaniti founder


Kristin 'Gemma Ra'Star' DiFerdinando

Founder/Mother/Medicine Woman of WENS


Cannabis MVP: Gemma
Gemma has spent almost two decades creating the non-profit Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary that champions hemp and cannabis outside of a state-sanctioned system.  Gemma has openly cultivated and offered hemp and cannabis, in a manner that created awareness and pioneered the overall sanctioning of hemp and cannabis as an important part of everyday life.  
By making medicine, and assisting others with their self-healing process she is widely acclaimed as the first lady of Hemp and the only person to have written her own SOP and Code of Conduct for utilization, transport and growth of Hemp through Religious Freedom. 

Gemma announced her spiritual organization growing hemp to the DEA, DOJ, and the State of New Mexico in May of 2015, and has since successfully grown four harvest seasons and is still expanding.


Learning From Our Past

Wumaniti Flow Life  

Gemma honors her ancestors by continuing her good work creating a sanctuary network of members that includes spiritual leaders, healers, and sacrament guides. Through her commitment, she shares her gifts by offering hemp and cannabis education, blessings and activations for both individuals and large groups.  Gemma travels internationally and resides with her family in northern New Mexico where she continues to live in close direct mentorship with various elders and master teachers respecting the ways of the land. She leads healing retreats and runs a Traditional Hemp Lodge. Sharing her deep passion for music, children, horses, growing and making food, Gemma realizes these are the reasons she has been called to be a leader in the Hemp Industry’s future. 



Humility & Gratitude

"I have overcome ridicule, jealousy, envy and humiliation by people in my community and here I stand now being supported by some of the very best of New Mexico who have also been putting the same kind of sweat , blood and tears to make this medicine more readily available for the citizens of our beautiful New Mexico and beyond. "

Gemma's efforts have been supporting economic, agricultural, and healing growth within indigenous communities, while building eco-conscious  hemp practices. 

Board of Advisors

Gemma Ra'Star (Kristin Di'Ferdinando)



Elliott Enos


Agricultural Director

My mother was from Taos Pueblo, NM and my father was from Tesuque Pueblo, NM. I am 38 years old, and living well. I have three daughters and one son. I grew up on the reservation. I currently reside on Taos Pueblo and manage administrative functions for the office and most of our fundraising efforts. I support sustainability, economic growth, and I love to ride our horses.     

Harold Lefthand


Tribal Elder

I help coordinate tasks, take care of administrative duties, make contacts for various functions and upcoming business, and also help contribute during brainstorming sessions with Gemma and Elliott. I am of Taos Pueblo, Cheyenne, Jicarilla Apache lineage and I reside at Taos Pueblo in the shadow of my sacred mountain. 

Shawinina Makris-Gomez


Life Coach

In 2011 I accepted Gemma’s invitation to the WUMANITI Board of Directors . As a professional Business and Life Coach I offer skills in clarifying Intentions, goal setting and creating the character and presence of the Organization. I am a mentor to both the individuals and the organization.

Dwayne Thomas Lefthnd Sr.


Tribal Elder

As an active Tribal Member of Taos Pueblo, Dwayne is married with four children and two grandchildren. Being a husband, father and grandfather at the age of 40 is unheard of in many places but is a blessing and honor for Dwayne who is a prominent member of his kiva society and traditional community.

Having the honor of serving on Tribal Government, Mr. LeftHand has served in the capacities of WarChief Staff Member, WarChief Secretary, and Tribal Sheriff in which he has contributed tremendously to his community relating to, but not limited to Natural Resource Management, Wildland Fire Mitigation and Control, Community Health and General Welfare, Public Safety, Education, Economic Development and many other issues facing the Red Willow People including Alcoholism, homelessness and suicide.

“Parrot Rock Laying” Dwayne’s Tiwa name, takes pride raising his children and grandchildren with his wife Felicia “Coming from Blue Lake” in their Taos Pueblo traditional way of life. Amongst being in the outdoors hunting and fishing with his sons he also enjoys spending time with his grandsons, wife and daughter.

“Being thankful for where we come from and whatever little we have, along with respect and prayer are words to live by, my grandfather’s words”.

Jasper Gomez


Tribal Elder

Jasper comes from a long lineage of Taos Pueblo people. He currently resides at Taos Pueblo with his family, and continues to help his friends and relatives in many ways. He is well respected for it. Jasper mentors the younger generations of all people. Jasper does tipi ceremonies and carries the legacy of grandfather "Little" Joe Gomez. He supports WENS through his spirituality and knowledge.