outreach programs

Wumaniti Gives Back!

Complimentary Community Programs for Youth & Family

Wumaniti Outreach programs offer healing, self-sustainability practices, and safe creative outlets in local communities. - We warmly welcome veterans and children with special needs -

WENS also hosts programs in which eligible children and families, as well as tribal elders, 

receive FREE hemp/CBD medicine, directly from our non-profit!


Taos NM not for profit 501c3  #46-4846209


Ceremonies and Circles

Safe space for sacred prayers, including temazcal, sacred Puja’s, sweat lodge, and tipi ceremony. 

Equine Activities

Healing with Horses / Equine Therapy - Interaction with our horses through treatment retreats, private sessions, school appearances, parades and ceremonies.  

Youth Art & Music

Safe spaces for children and families to creatively express themselves, and an opportunity to contribute their art through wumaniti.com. Wumaniti supports traditional culturals and modern integrations of said traditions with drug/alcohol free music and dance events. 

Grow Food Now

Volunteering opportunities for members to learn how to grow their own food, and natural food medicines for Wumaniti. 

Equine Therapy


We promote events for youth and family that are supporting no alcohol, no drugs, and no violence. 

No upcoming events.


Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary has the right to rescind any and/or all portions of this site with or without notice.