Wumaniti Earth Native Sanctuary has been serving 20+ years and incorporated as a 501c3 Charity Organization since Jan. 2014 Your monies will be working towards benefiting the human condition & sustainable indigenous lifestyles here in the USA! Sign up to get amazing offerings and learn about events going on everywhere related to our indigenous hemp lifestyle! Support our first model here in Taos, NM - Visit us

Seed to Shelf, Created by Shamans, we offer more than just sacred indigenous hemp flowers, we offer the highest quality, most affordable, exclusive primordial blends.

Our traditional extraction process is so pure it has evidence in which dates back

 12,000 years!

Our alchemist extracts 100% FULL SPECTRUM from Wumaniti's highly concentrated sacred organic grown hemp flower strains rich in phytonutrients and endo-cannabinoids straight into our carriers utilizing the moon cycles, different temperatures and settling periods.

 Absolutely No isolate, No Co2, No man-made science, we are alchemic healers and have been creating hemp products for nearly two decades as well as our ancestors guidance!

During the whole creation process we sing medicine songs and stir in ancient star ancestry symbols, 

honoring the spirits of hemp and its healing.

HANDS DOWN! There is no other company extracting hemp like the way we do, 

we, the Wumaniti are the pioneers and our products work! 

See for yourself! READ OUR TESTIMONIALS!

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All Natural Hemp Products

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"Wumaniti is an organization that I pledge my services to because of how much my membership has helped me."

                                                                   - Glenda C

"When I unpacked your capsules and looked at the way they were packaged...I felt the tenderness, reverence and love which went into the making of the product...contributing in a profound way to the healing power of the medicine."

                                                                 - Carol Hozid